Brian Dainis


Why I prefer to start a conversation with a SaaS salesperson over email

I buy a lot of SaaS, and therefore, I talk to a lot of SaaS salespeople.

One thing that I find many of these SaaS salespeople tend to be very resistant to is starting the sales conversation over email. I don’t know exactly why it is, but I suspect they feel like if they don’t get me on a live meeting I won’t buy their product.

The fact of the matter is, I won’t buy their product if it’s not a fit for me, whether I get on a meeting for 30 minutes to see their pitch, or review the materials and ask questions over email. If I need to hear more and interact with the salesperson live to make a buying decision, I’ll ask for that.

I love email. I can check it while I’m waiting for breakfast in the morning at a cafe, or while I’m in an Uber to meet up with a friend after work. But in order to do a 30 minute Zoom meeting, I have to take that time away from my available focused working time while at my desk during the day.

Talking over email also allows me to think about what questions I want to ask, and do my homework. Generally speaking, when I reach out to a SaaS company, I’m fairly well educated on their product and probably pretty low in the conversion funnel.

Do me a solid and let’s get things started over email 🙂

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