Brian Dainis

Technology Business Leader

Brian Dainis is an IT Senior Business Leader based in Philadelphia, PA. He is the Founder and CEO of Curotec and works with startups and non-profits at the board level as an IT consultant. Brian's key strength is leading the strategy and execution of IT consulting businesses to market success.


  • Founder and CEO2010 - Present


    I founded Curotec in 2010 and continue to manage the company's growth year after year. Curotec is a website development, web/mobile application development, and web consultant firm based in the Philadelphia, PA area with a global team and client base.

  • Board Member2015 - 2019


    MotiveX has developed a platform that gives employers the tools needed to truly align and thrive with their employees rather than using a one size fits all approach. My role is to lead the technology development and bring a superior product to market.

  • Founder/Developer2008 - 2010

    Sadree Web Design

    Shaun Sadree and I started Sadree Web Design in the Tampa Bay Florida area in 2008. I still work with Shaun Sadree on many projects and he is a close friend of mine.


  • Founder/Organizer2014 - 2018

    LVI - Liberty Valley Initiative

    LVI - Liberty Valley Initiative was founded as a way to help transform the Philadelphia Suburbs into an exciting environment where entrepreneurship truly flourishes. With emphasis on technology startups, the group is aimed to foster inovation through meetups and establish a better way for startups to secure seed funding and get their idea's launched.

  • Board Member2016 - 2019

    ITAG - Information Technology Action Group

    ITAG’s mission is to promote Information Technology, Communications, and Technological Processes, to all companies and individuals in Southeastern Pennsylvania as a means to become more effective in an increasingly sophisticated global marketplace.


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  • Digital Strategy

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